A brand new venture into a Reaganomical hellscape!

Play as the titular Ladder Louie! Complete the construction before your savings run dry! But be warned, weary worker, for the heinous Donald Deagan has recently gained political power, and his exploitative policies seek to ruin you and your savings to inflate his own wealth! How long can you survive in this capitalist wasteland, where the gap between the rich and poor ever increases, leaving you and your fellow workers to die in the dust?

Why should I, the player, be all about this?

  • Engage in fast-paced puzzle-platforming action!
  • Race against time itself to succeed!
  • Complete the construction of 15 unique levels!
  • Deal with the constant meddling of Donald Deagan's wacky policies!
  • Runs are potentially endless! See how long you can survive!
  • Read funny words that satirize the actions of certified idiot Ronald Reagan!
  • Level order and Deagan policies are random, ensuring no two runs are the same!

Multiple control options found within!

  • WASD + Space + KL
  • WASD + JKL
  • Arrow keys + ZXC
  • Or use a controller! Those are neat!

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Playing this was really fun, the idea and concept for me was new and it is really well polished. I like it, Picasso

This game is really fun to play and well polished.